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Covid: UK records new daily high of 1,610 deaths

The total number of deaths, within 28 days of a positive test, during the pandemic is now over 90,000.

Covid in Scotland: Schools to stay closed as lockdown extended

Mainland Scotland and some islands to remain under toughest coronavirus rules until at least mid-February.

Covid: Positive antibody tests doubled since autumn

Some 10% of the UK population is showing signs of recent infection, a doubling since October, says ONS.

Biden to block Trump's Covid rule change on president's final day in office

The outgoing president wanted to lift travel bans on visitors from much of Europe and Brazil.

Covid: Politicians drank on Senedd premises despite booze ban

A group of members drank alcohol on Welsh Parliament premises, days into a ban on its sale in pubs.

Schools may reopen region by region, says medical adviser

Top medical adviser suggests schools in England may reopen region by region after lockdown.

Meghan 'would have known letter could become public', argues Mail on Sunday in court case

Lawyers for the Mail on Sunday claim in court she knew a letter to her father could be made public.

Japan: One dead as snowstorm causes 130-car pile-up

One person is killed and at least 10 are injured after cars collide on the Tohoku Expressway.

Coal mine go-ahead 'undermines climate summit'

The UK's push to secure a deal over fossil fuels is being undercut by a decision to allow a new coal mine, MPs warn.

Covid: Marylebone rail workers 'held lockdown baby shower' at closed station patisserie

Staff say there was a Covid outbreak after the "party" in a shut patisserie at Marylebone station.

Stolen 500-year-old painting found in Naples cupboard

The artwork has been returned to an Italian museum - whose staff were unaware it was missing.

Americans in the UK: 'It was a four-year soap opera'

With Joe Biden set to be inaugurated, what have Americans in the UK made of the past four years?

Ulrika Jonsson defends Stacey Solomon: 'What matters is we’re good mothers’

Ulrika Jonsson defends Stacey Solomon against critics and recalls her hurt at being nicknamed "4x4".

'My boss made me come to work and I caught Covid'

Despite the risks, people say they are being asked to work on site when they could do it from home.

Depop: 'I felt so violated when my account was hacked'

Hackers are selling Depop app account details on the dark web for as little as 77p each online.

Newspaper headlines: Jab complacency fears and smart motorway inquest

Tuesday's front pages report fears that millions of people could ignore Covid rules once they are vaccinated.

Royal Papworth Hospital proposal by man who spent Christmas alone

Family members watched online as Jordan got engaged to his partner, with the help of nurses.

Melania’s jacket and nine other defining images of Trump's presidency

As Donald Trump prepares to leave office, here are some of the key moments of his presidency.

Conquering K2 in winter 'together'

The BBC speaks to Nirmal Purja, from the team of the first climbers to reach the K2 summit in winter.

Covid-19: 'Don't end up like us, please'

Martin Freeborn's wife, Helen, lost her fight against Covid at the Royal London Hospital, where staff are struggling to cope with rising admissions.

Woman 'so lucky' after swan crashes through bathroom window

RSPCA inspector Keith Ellis says he has not seen anything like it in his 40-year career.

The Hong Kong migrants fleeing to start new lives in the UK

A new visa will give 5.4m Hong Kong residents the right to resettle in Britain. How many will leave?

Olivier Duhamel: French incest allegations prompt victims to speak out

A sex abuse case involving a well-known intellectual sparked a deluge of testimonies by victims of abuse.

Italy smoking: Want to light up in Milan? Not any more, you can't

Smoking within 10m (30ft) of others is no longer allowed in parks, play areas, bus and tram stops.

Why Iran’s nuclear facilities are still vulnerable to attack

Putting sites underground does not mean they're beyond the reach of those who want them scuppered.

How to investigate a firm with 60 million documents

Artificial intelligence helped investigators in a daunting examination of Airbus's business.

First Dates: Channel 4 series will feel 'more like real life'

The latest daters are in unfamiliar surroundings as the Channel 4 series moves to a new restaurant.

This doctor saw Yemen hospital empty after fake Covid death text

One doctor tells her story of battling the pandemic alone in Yemen after her colleagues fled.

Nazi Ravensbrück camp: How ordinary women became SS torturers

Female SS guards enjoyed home comforts at a camp where they tortured thousands of inmates.

Who's exempt from wearing masks?: 'I'm scared of abuse for not wearing one'

At the moment, there's no official way to prove you don't have to wear a face covering

Brexit: 'Putting UK, not GB, delayed my fish for 24 hours'

New trading rules are causing problems for some firms, creating backlogs and uncertainty.

'Too many heroes to name' - India savour famous victory over Australia

India's series-clinching victory over Australia at the Gabba is one of their "greatest wins ever" according to former batsman Mohammad Kaif.

Norway great Riise to take England interim role after Neville exit

Norway great Hege Riise will lead England on a temporary basis after Phil Neville's departure as Lionesses manager.

'Egg on face' for Vaughan and Sehwag takes aim at 'Australian arrogance' - social media reaction

The cricket world, including former stars Michael Vaughan and Virender Sehwag, react to India's outstanding win over Australia.

Tokyo Olympics will go ahead this summer, say organisers

Tokyo Olympics organisers tell BBC Scotland they are not willing to see the event held behind closed doors - and that the Games "will take place this summer".

'We need Aguero' - Guardiola says 'no' to January striker signings

Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola says the club need striker Sergio Aguero back rather than possible replacement signings.

'I'd love to play in The Hundred' - Taylor on 'maybe' making a comeback

Former England wicketkeeper Sarah Taylor on "maybe" making a comeback, playing in The Hundred and her brush with men's cricket.

Trump presidency: A flashback through four turbulent years

Donald Trump won a surprise victory in 2016 partly because he promised to shake things up. And boy, did he.

US historians on what Donald Trump's legacy will be

The last four years have been a whirlwind - we asked the experts to break down Trump's key moments.

Joe Biden inauguration: When are he and Kamala Harris sworn in?

The inauguration of a new president is a day that usually follows decades of custom. Not this time.

Biden inauguration: How the White House gets ready for a new president

Taking down pictures and clearing out desks is part of a huge operation readying for a new president.

US Election 2020: What do countries around the world want from Joe Biden?

We speak to reporters in six global regions about hopes and expectations for the new US administration.

Biden inauguration: How security threats and Covid have changed ceremony

Troops descend on US capital to ensure the new president can be sworn in amid threats of violence.

Covid: Can my boss force me to go to work?

As England and Scotland enter new coronavirus lockdowns, what are the rules about going to work?

When will you get a Covid vaccine?

Three vaccines have been approved and two are being rolled out across the UK, so when might you get one?

Lockdown rules: What Covid tier is your area in and what are the restrictions?

Use our search tool to find out about coronavirus rules and restrictions where you live.

Covid: Who has to self-isolate and for how long?

The length of quarantine has changed for contacts and people arriving from abroad.

Covid: What are the UK's lockdown rules and when will they end?

People across England are being urged to "double down" and stick to the lockdown rules.

What is Europe doing about Covid?

What restrictions are being put in place in Europe to control the second wave of coronavirus?

Coronavirus: How are weddings working around the UK?

Very restricted wedding ceremonies can now take place around the UK, but receptions are banned.

Covid: What are the new UK travel rules?

Travellers must self-isolate on arrival and an advance coronavirus test will soon be required.

How many cases are there in your area?

Explore the data on coronavirus in the UK and find out how many cases there are in your area.

Lockdown Learning: BBC puts school materials on TV, iPlayer and online

As most schools close across the UK, lessons from BBC Bitesize move on to BBC Two and CBBC.

What progress has been made on treatments?

Teams around the world are looking into medicines for Covid-19 and scientists are starting to discover what works.

How worrying are the new variants?

Scientists have discovered a new mutated version of the virus from Brazil, in addition to the ones from the UK and South Africa.

Can you catch coronavirus from a jogger?

The risks of catching Covid indoors are well-known, but what are the chances of being infected outdoors?

Did we see a Christmas coronavirus spike?

Christmas gatherings were cut back but was there still an impact on Covid cases?

Which shops are open and what are the rules about click-and-collect?

There are strict rules across the UK about which shops can open during lockdown and how they must run.

What are the social distancing rules?

Keeping a certain distance away from other people cuts the risk of passing on - or catching - coronavirus.